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Welcome to the Finance & Accounting home page. Please browse through the sections on this page to help you find the tools and resources you need. Listed at the bottom are all support contacts to all Finance & Accounting activities.

EFT Summary: Best Buy requires vendors to enroll in our ePayment Solution Program. This electronic payment remittance delivery program will provide you with a quick, easy and no cost way to begin receiving payments and associated remittance details electronically. This program is provided in partnership with our 3rd party provider, Western Union. 

Support: For questions related to the EFT process or logon help, please call to speak with an ePayment Specialist at 1-800-815-2460 option 1.

Important: DO NOT enroll if Best Buy has not initiated a plan to sell your products. 

Enroll now

All Vendor invoices for merchandise will be sent via Electronic Data Interchange (EDI). Failure to send merchandise invoices EDI or Invoices that must be manually correct by Best Buy will result in the following processing charges:

$25.00 Per Invoice
$500.00 Minimum Monthly Charge

All Vendor invoices for merchandise must be sent via Electronic Data Interchange (EDI). Failure to send merchandise invoices EDI or Invoices that must be manually correct by Best Buy will result in the following processing charges:

$25.00 Per Invoice
$500.00 Minimum Monthly Charge


Best Buy’s standard policy requires written denial, including all supporting documentation, to Best Buy within ninety (90) days of the date of deduction (check date). Denial should be made online by the Vendor submitting notice using Best Buy’s AP Visibility System Dispute process.


Introducing Best Buy’s AP Visibility System!
AP Visibility System allows Best Buy and its suppliers to share information and conduct business in a secure environment. We respectfully request your enrollment into this free online information opportunity!

The benefits to you are as follows:

  • Access to near real-time information – Paid and unpaid invoices, deduction details, open receipts, returns information.
  • Cash Forecasting
  • Online Forms – Dispute, Inquiries, & Templates
  • Online Dispute entry
  • Ability to attach Documents or Files, retrieve data to complete statement reconciliation

If you are signing up for the AP Visibility System, DO NOT register for the other EDI documents (such as PO, PO Change, ASN & Invoice) on this site.

If you have questions regarding registration for the AP Visibility System please contact the Best Buy AP team at SupplierInquiry@bestbuy.com

Complete Enrollment – Use the registration instructions and use the following link to create your account: 


  • Once your enrollment is approved by Best Buy you will receive an e-mail with your user ID and password
  • Log in and start using the AP site – due to batch update processes, please log in 24 hours after approval.
  • Review and Use the Frequently Asked Questions document found on the AP Visibility home page – Help section.

E mail any questions to SupplierInquiry@bestbuy.com

If you have questions regarding the following, please e-mail the corresponding address listed below.

Copy Requests should be routed to the applicable addresses below:

Document Prefix: ADV, FRT, DEF(Advertising): FinanceCoop@bestbuy.com (can also include Program ID VPA)

Document Prefix: DMFTC, DMNN, DMNDD: Amy.Deters@bestbuy.com            

Document Prefix: DMACC, DMFA, DMEF, DMT, DMFSC, DMVNL, DMPRC:  SupplyChainDM@Bestbuy.com

Document Prefix: DMEP:  APSOS-Inquiry@bestbuy.com

Document Prefix: PP: Contact your Sales Rep or Best Buy Merchant team

ManualProc Deduction: SupplierInquiryESC@bestbuy.com

Inquiries for Magnolia Audio Video, BBY Canada and Expense should be routed to the applicable address below:

Magnolia Audio Video Inquiry: MAV@bestbuy.com

Canada Inquiry: CASupplierInquiry@bestbuycanada.ca

Non Merchandise Expense Inquiry:  NMPCustSvc@bestbuy.com

General Inquiries:

Consignment Inquiry: Consignment@bestbuy.com

Post Audit Inquiry: PostAudit@bestbuy.com

Tax Exempt Certificates and Resale Certificates: taxexemptioncertificates@bestbuy.com

General Tax Inquiry: Fin-TaxBusQuestions@bestbuy.com

Request for W9: Laura.Guggenberger@bestbuy.com

Debit Balance issues: Debitbalance@Bestbuy.com

Anticipation/Seasonal Dating: APSOS-Inquiry@bestbuy.com

Cash Discounts Inquiry: APCollections@bestbuy.com

Price Protection Inquiry: APSBRLVL1@Bestbuy.com

Western Union: https://payments.ruesch.com/login/ePay_login.html

Item induction: GDS@bestbuy.com

EDI Order & EDI Invoice Transmission Inquiry: Exgedi@bestbuy.com